Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sunday afternoon, I got a call from the Primary President in our ward.  At first, I thought maybe Jackson had done something (he's had a hard time transistioning into sunbeams - although the past few weeks have been pretty good), but she actually called to tell me about something Adam did during sharing time.  Adam is in the CTR 7 class, and in our ward, this class meets with senior primary for sharing time.  They are the youngest kids in senior primary.  The primary president was doing sharing time, and she had put up two pictures of the Savior and had asked the kids what the pictures had in common. One was a picture of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the other was a picture of Jesus on the cross.  The answer she was looking for was the atonement.  She said that the answers she was getting were things like - "Jesus is in both pictures" or "there's a rock in both pictures".  She called on Adam and he said "sacrifice - Jesus is being a sacrifice".  She said his comment really made her stop and think and it surprised all the other kids.
She said she was calling to let me know of a proud parenting moment.  I am super proud of Adam!  I don't think I can take any credit for his answer, or for the young man he is becoming!  He has really grown up the past couple of months!  He LOVES to pull out his Book of Mormon and has started asking to read a verse or two when we read scriptures as a family.  He often says "I love the scriptures" or "I love going to church".  He has two really incredible primary teachers this year, and he is excited every Sunday to go to church.  He even gets up and gets himself dressed.  Last Sunday, he even made himself and Jackson breakfast while I was getting ready.  Scott has meetings before church, so I have to get all three kids ready by myself - but Adam has really stepped up to help!  He is so excited to be baptized this year!  He can't wait until he turns 8 and gets his own set of big scriptures!  He talks about it all the time!  I'm a lucky mom!!


Sarah Ragatz said...

That's awesome. I love that the president took the time to call and share it. I hope if my kids ever do something special like that, I'll get a phone call!

Autumn said...

How wonderful! Yes that would be a very proud parent moment. Good for him.