Saturday, March 30, 2013

Field Trip - Children's Museum

Adam's 1st grade class went on a fossil field trip to the children's museum up in Everett this past Thursday.  I went along and had so much fun with Adam and 3 of his friends!  They had been studying dinosaurs, so the main part of the field trip was to go to attend a fossil class, but we also got to spend time playing around at the museum.  I didn't get many pictures - but we had so much fun!
They have a very cool light and sound display.  This is Adam playing with it.
 We learned all about different kinds of fossils, and then got to sort a whole bin of them into their different categories.
 They did a fossil dig and found plaster fossils that were replicas of actual dinosuar fossils.
 and then got to paint them with coffee to make them look old.
It was a fun way to spend the day.  I love getting the opportunity to see Adam interact with his classmates and his teacher. 

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