Monday, March 11, 2013

Camp out with dad!

The young men in our ward had a camp out planned for this past weekend.  Originally, there weren't  every many boys that were planning to go, so Scott and some of the other leaders decided they would all still go with th YM that wanted to, and they would also take their younger boys.  Adam was thrilled!  He loves hanging out with the young men!  As it turned out - almost every single one of the young men attended, which was great!  Adam had fun running around with his friends that were ther, and then Scott said he sat up around the camp fire with all the young men, laughing at their jokes and watching them "juggle" fire (seriously??) until about 11pm before heading to bed.
This is a picture of Adam in his sleeping bag the next morning.  It got down to 31 degrees.  Too cold for me!!
 Adam got up in the morning and built a fire for him and his dad...  He was so proud that he did it all by himself.  I think he's ready for cub scouts!!



Sarah Ragatz said...

31 degrees!? I'm glad he made it home alive!

Scott said...

Ummmm Sis, 31 degrees inside the tent. 25 outside!