Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The long days of summer!

Jackson has refused to take naps since Adam got out of school almost two months ago.  At first, I struggled with him every day to try and get him to lay down - I'd lay down with him, and he would cry or jump all over me or (rarely) actually lay there and sleep for a few minutes.  But then I just gave up.  So, he goes and goes all day and if I can ever get him to sit down and be still for more than 5 minutes - this is what happens (usually in the car).
 Today, at about 5:00, Adam was at a friends house and Jackson was sitting on the couch playing with my phone.  He called me over, so I sat down with him and started scrolling through the pictures with him (that's his favorite thing to do on my phone - just look through the pictures and talk about what we were doing).  Within 2 minutes of me sitting down with him, his head started flopping back and forth on the couch.  Poor buddy - he's so tired - but so stubborn at the same time...  I tried to get him to lay down, and he wouldn't - he didn't want to sleep - so he took a little nap just like this on the couch...
It will be nice to get back to a routine once school starts again.  Hopefully, I can get Jackson back to a short nap routine too... Three more weeks of summer!  My feelings are mixed - sad for summer to be over, excited for Adam to start 1st grade, happy to have a routine.

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