Friday, August 17, 2012

Skyhawks Sports Camp

This past week, Adam participated in a skyhawks camp.  Last summer, he did a soccor camp, and enjoyed it, so I thought it would be fun to do one again.  This time, we chose "sports camp".  They played basketball, baseball and soccor.  He learned lots of new skills and had a fun, exhausting week!  Today, the had "tournament day", so Jackson, Kate and I spent the morning watching his new skills!  We actually missed the baseball part because I had a meeting (Adam was a little diappointed with the baseball part anyway, because they had to hit the ball off the tee - he wanted someone to pitch to him).  We did get to see him play some basketball - which was fun to watch.  He's a pretty good basketball player, and told me several times during the week that it was his favorite sport to play each day.  Here are a few pictures:
This is Adam cheering after he made a basket...
This picture makes me laugh!  We signed up for the camp with Adam's buddy Xander.  He's the boy in the red shirt waving his arms in the air and yelling "adam, I'm open, pass the ball".  There was a lot of yelling about passing the ball.  Adam wasn't so good at that!
He was actually a pretty good basketball player.
Then they played a little bit of soccor.  It was fun to see how much he's grown since he played soccor last summer.  

The best part about the week was that there were 4 other kids in the camp that Adam knew.  He was excited when he got there Monday morning to see a boy from his Kindergarten class already there.  I had told another friend's mom about the camp and so she signed up her son, and then as the camp was getting started I saw Adam's kindergarten teacher walk up.  She had twins that were also in kindergarten at Adam's school, and they were also in the camp.  So, Adam knew 5 kids at the camp.  He loved that! 
One more thing done as we wind the summer up!  I may have to sign Adam up to play basketball this winter.

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