Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Garden

I totally failed at the garden this year.  Didn't plant a single thing!  I had good intentions, but didn't get far.  Adam did plant a few things - we aren't sure what they are, but some things grew up out of the ground.  He has faithfully kept the plants watered as well. 
 Jackson helped with the watering too!
 I'm not sure what this is - at first I thought it was just a leftover zuchini plant.  Adam has insisted that it's a pumpkin.  Last fall, he planted a pumpkin seed from the pumpkins we carved.  I didn't think anything would grow - I thought seeds had to be dried out and stuff before they could be planted.  I excited to see what really comes from these beautiful flowers!
 The leaves are huge as are the blossoms!
 Here's another little something that Adam says is a pumpkin.  No blossoms on this one yet.
 I did plant this rosemary last summer, and it made it through the winter (even with all that snow), and it is huge now!  I need to cut it back and offer fresh rosemary to my neighbors!
 Our raspberries are doing pretty good.  We have all been watching the little berries grow, and the boys spotted a nice red one this morning.  Can't wait to be able to pick and eat these babies!
 I wasn't sure we would get much from the raspberries this year.  Adam broke the fence we had built to protect them while playing soccor, and we haven't got around to fixing it.  The raspberries are leaning over quite a bit, and there are some dead stalks in there, but there are lots of blossoms and little green berries!
 Our blueberries are doing great again this year!  So glad we planted these bushes 7 summers ago!
 Our strawberries did super good this year!  It was a pleasant surprise!  After a disappointing showing last summer, Scott and I talked about pulling them out and starting over. I'm glad we didn't get aroudn to it, because we got lots of great strawberries!!  They are done now, but they were so yummy while we had them!
 This is another picture of the "pumpkin" plant.  See how big the leaves are?  Adam put the dump truck there to help with watering.  He's done a great job of taking care of this plant!!
  One last picture of Adam's helper!
I'm a bit sad that we haven't been able to enjoy fresh tomatoes, beans, peas, zuchinni, or potatoes this year.  I'm already planning for our garden next summer.  It's been a fun experiment for Adam, so I guess that's ok.

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Laura D said...

I am pretty sure that is a pumpkin. Pumpkins have smaller leaves that look more like a spade, zucchini have giant leaves... but a picture is hard to tell size... So if they are huge huge leaves it is zucchini.