Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tongue Tacos!

After playing frisbee golf, we headed back to Brian's house.  He wanted to take Laura's boys out to try tongue tacos at a restaurant by his house.  The menu didn't sound too appetizing to me, but we decided to join them on their adventure.  Brian lives in West Seattle and within walking distance of some fun places.  So, we walked the couple of blocks to the restaurant. 
Jackson was tired!  Brian was nice enough to give him a shoulder ride!
Megan and Jackson waiting for their tacos!
Kate and Grandma waiting for their tacos!  (she must have been teething!!)
Giving hugs to her brother!
 Still waiting!
Mmmm - tongue tacos!
True to his nature - Jackson tried the tongue tacos - and LIKED them!  He kept asking for more.  Someone even caught him on video asking for more tongue!  It was super funny (and a little gross!)
He ate all the leftovers!
I think the concensus was that the tacos were ok.  I didn't bother trying them.  I don't think I could get past the thought of what I was eating...   Food is always and adventure when Uncle Brian is involved!

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