Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny Pictures!

I have been a horrible blogger of late.  I have a long list of events/life happenings to blog about, that hopefully will get done soon.  Here are just a few pictures of the crazyness of life lately...
This was Scott and the boys this past Sunday afternoon.  We have church from 11 til 2, which is smack dap at Jackson's nap time.  Every week we debate about putting him down for a late nap, or just putting him to bed early.  We skipped the nap this week, and once he calmed down and actually sat still for more than 2 seconds, he quickly fell asleep cuddled up with dad.  Adam then crawled over to Scott's lap and fell asleep as well.  Looks comfy - huh!
 The boys love their little sister! Friday morning, Scott heard some noise from Kate's room and went in to find all three of them in the crib playing.  Adam and Jackson were playing with the animals and showing them to Kate, while she squeeled with delight!
 And this is how my baby girl sleeps.  She loves this little pink bear/lovey.  Every time we lay her in the crib, she reaches her little hand out for the bear, puts her other thumb in her mouth, and closes her eyes.  She's just like her brothers, and loves to smash her face into a blanket or the bumper on her crib.  I have pictures of both boys in a similar position.  I'll have to dig them out.
Kate is officially 8 months old today!  She is so much fun!  She has beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that can soften the hardest of hearts!  She refuses to do any moving on her own - still isn't even rolling over much.  She's content to sit in the middle of the floor and have things brought to her and for some reason, willing people are not hard to find.  We've been trying to tempt her to move by placing things just out of her reach, but she stubbornly refuses!  She has perfected folding her body virtually in half from a sitting position and has an incredibly long reach!  She is still sporting two little teeth in that little mouth of hers.  I keep expecting to see some pop out on the top, but despite all the drooling and gumming of anything she can get her hands on, nothing has appeared.    We seriously adore this little girl and are so happy to have her in our family!
We are looking forward to a double reunion of sorts coming up in the next two weeks!  Scott's family (minus his brother Jason and fam, which we are bummed cannot join us), will all be diverging here starting next Monday.  We've got a week of hanging out in the area, followed by a week at Lake Pend Orielle near Coeur d'Alene planned.  At the same time, my brother Nathan and his family, along with my Grandparents will be arriving to spend some time as well.  Tiffiny is flying in for a weekend (so the entire Conrad  clan will be here) so we can do some family pictures.  It promises to be a fun filled two weeks!  I add it to my list of events to blog about!! 

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