Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frisbee Golf

Scott's family gets together every 2 years for a family reunion.  We were lucky enough to get to host it this year!  Scott's siblings are spread out - 2 in North Carolina, one currently in Texas, then Scott and one brother here in the Seattle area and his parents are in Illinois.  So, it's nice when we all have an excuse to get together every 2 years.  It was so fun to have Laura and Sarah and their families join us here in Seattle.  We missed Jason, but he is taking some classes through the national guard in Texas and couldn't get away.
Since Laura's family had to come from so far away, they come a week before the reunion, and we did some playing in the area.  They stayed with Brian, but we tried to meet up with them a few times.  The first time, Brian took us took a park in South Seattle (or Burien - or somewhere down there!) and introduced us to frisbee golf!  Adam LOVED it! 
Here's the crew of golfers.
It was Zac (Laura's 2nd boys), Brian with Jackson on his shoulders, then Jared (Laura's oldest), Laura, Grandpa, and Adam is in the front.  Megan (Laura's youngest) is off to the side.
They had a little shop at the park where you could buy used frisbees.  I let Adam pick one out and he of course, picked orange!  Here he is with Jared.
Kate having fun while the big kids played.
Kate and Grandma!  (drooly girl!)
Jackson picked out a frisbee too!
Here's some action shots!  Adam had quite the wind-up!
Megan and Jackson wanted to climb this tree.  Uncle Brian took a break from playing to help them out.
Walking to the next hole with Zac.
Another wind-up shot!
It was a lot of fun walking around the park watching them play.  Adam loves his frisbee and once in awhile he'll pull it out and ask to go play again! 

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