Friday, July 27, 2012

Jetty Island 2012

We had to make our annual pilgrimage out to Jetty Island this summer.  We decided to give it a try while Scott's family was here.  The really fun part was that my brother Nathan and his family were here at the same time!  So, we had an enormous group!  We were hopeful that our run of bad weather jetty island trips had come to an end.  Earlier in the week, it was sunny and hot.  Unfortunately, Friday morning - not so much.  But, we persevered and got ready to go!
Jackson was super excited!  Grandma had given him a super hero cape! He was ready to go - cape and all!
Here we are piled in the car!
Here's Sarah and her youngest Benjamin.  He's about 2 months younger than Kate.
Me and Kate on the ferry ride!  You can see Nate and Shae in the background.
Adam couldn't decide if he should take his long pants off or not.  It was probably the coldest it's ever been in all the years we've gone to jetty island.  I'm not sure what Daris is doing here with Nate and Shae's youngest - Eli.
Megan - ready to play in the sand!
The kids found this great fort down the beach from where we got set up!

Megan in the fort

Sarah and Benjamin trying to keep warm with Grandpa.
Adam shed his warm clothes.  Not sure why!
A few crazies braved the water.  Here's Carman (Sarah's husband) and their oldest Emmalynne, giving it a very cold shot!
Laura and Sarah huddling together in the fort for warmth.
Megan and Talia (Nate's daughter).  These two are about 6 months apart in age, and they were so happy to find each other!  They are both pretty surrounded by boys!!
Jackson eating some graham crackers - still wearing his cape!

Me and Kate trying to stay warm.
The gray, cold day!
After about 2 hours, we decided we were done!  We've never been chased off the island before, but it was just too cold!  So, we hoped on an early ferry boat back to the cars.
A few of us rode on the top of the ferry.  Here I am with Zac.
 Jackson sitting next to me!
Jackson with Asher (Nate's 4th)
Adam, Noah and Talia (Nate's kids)
We were sad that our Jetty Island trip was a bust!  It was just too cold and windy to stay on the island.
So, we headed back to my house, got the kids cleaned up and dropped them all off at my moms and all the adults went out to dinner at Scott's restaurant (he had to work that day, so he didn't make it out to the island).  We had a fun time eating pizza and laughing together!  I really love Scott's siblings!  It's so fun to have married in to such a wonderful family!  

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