Monday, June 25, 2012

The last day of school

And then, the school year ended! 
This was Adam with his teacher on the first day of school...
And here they are on the last day of school...
Kindergarten was such a great experience for Adam. I am so thankful for his teacher!  She was seriously the best teacher he could have had.  She was consistently at school (the other full day teacher had a baby half way through the year, and the half day teacher was sick a lot, so she missed a lot of school days) - Adam had a hard time the few days that there was a substitute in his class.  There wasn't anyone I talked to that had experience with Mrs. Dumo before (even though she has been teaching at Hilltop for 6 years - she's always taught full day), so I didn't know anything about her.  She was great!  I really enjoyed volunteering and spending time in the classroom.
When I ask Adam what his favorite thing about Kindergarten was, he always says PE.   When we talk about it more, he says his favorite thing they did in class was reading Charlotte's Web. 
Adam learned so much and really grew up during the year.  He learned to read a few words, he learned to sound things out and to do some writing.  He can count to 100, and do simple addition and subtraction.  He loves to explore and figure out how things work.  It's fun to have a conversation with him - once in a while he just spouts out random bits of knowledge (like strawberries have more vitamin C than oranges - he likes to point that out a lot).  He likes to listen to longer chapter books, and loves to go to the library to check out books (we even got him his own library card!)
I think Adam has had a great first experience at school.  Hopefully, the experience just keeps getting better and better!

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