Monday, June 4, 2012

Temple Square

Sunday night, we drove back to Aunt Tiffy's house and took grandpa to the airport.  Shae and the kids came too, so we could spend some more time with them. 
Adam, Aiden and Talia camped out in the hallway for sleeping!
Kate had a hard time sleeping, so she sacked out with me.  She loves that little pink bear lovey!
Monday morning, Tiff went into work for a little bit, and then met us at the trax station to head into Salt Lake.  Adam really wanted to go see temple square.  It was a super hot day - close to 100 degrees! 
Aunt Tiffy had recently been to Disneyland, and she brought back tshirts for all the kids.  Here's most of them waiting to get on trax.
Jackson LOVED riding the train!  Noah was nice to sit with him!
We walked around temple square a bit.  Here are most of the kids at the door of the temple.
We also walked up to see the Christus.

After walking around temple square, we headed down to Gateway mall.  We stopped into Applebees for some lunch.  I love this pic of all the kids as we waited for them to get our table ready.
Kate was having a grand time!  That's Eli sitting next to her looking at Noah.

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