Saturday, June 16, 2012

The end of another season...

Adam had his last official T-ball game!  Next year he will move on to coach pitch, and he is so excited!  It's been fun to watch his skills sharpen this past season.  I think playing on a real team with coaches who know what they are doing really helped (go figure!)  He still has a crazy fun (think Phoebe from the TV show friends!), but he is much more coordinated, can really hit the ball if he concentrates, and has quite the arm!
Here are a few pics from his last game. 
Ready and waiting - playing second base...
 The last few games, the coach would give each kid three pitches, and if they didn't hit it, the could hit off the tee.  Adam smashed this ball into centerfield!
 He's ready to run!!
 Crazy spectator!
 After the game, they had a quick party, right at the ball field, which I thought was brilliant!  No need to plan for a separate time!  They served cake and the coaches handed out trophies.  Notice Jackson - first in line for the cake!  That kid will never pass up any food!
 Enjoying cake with his team mates.
 Adam was so excited about getting another trophy. 
One funny thing - Scott and Adam were watching the end of the NBA finals when the Miami Heat won.  Adam was asking about the trophy and talking about how he really wanted a trophy for playing basketball.  Scott told him that LeBron James had been playing professional basketball for 20 years (or however long he's been playing), and this was the first time he had ever won a trophy.  Adam just didn't understand why he didn't get a trophy every time...  Not sure what we teach them by giving them a trophy at the end of every season...

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