Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Trip

Adam had a fun end of the year field trip, and Jackson and I decided to tag a long.  We weren't able to ride the bus, so we carpooled with a friend over to Alki beach.  There is a scuba diving school located right there.  The diving students do their practice dives there, and bring stuff up from the bottom and put them in little pools for the kids to look at.  It was a very cool experience! They found lots of starfish, sea cucumbers, and anenomes.  The kids also caught a bunch of sand crabs. 
A couple of the divers.

The view of the Seattle skyline across the water.  I was kind of a grey day, but the skyline was still beautiful...
Adam with a crab...
And a starfish...
Jackson just wanted to walk in the water in his rain boots.
Adam's class all go together for a picture. I missed my chance to get a good picture - so here's some of his class with Seattle in the back ground.
This was one of the very cool star fish they brought up.  
After exploring the beach for a bit, we joined all the kindergartners for lunch, and then they loaded the buses and headed back to the school - it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.
Below is Scott's sisters take on the field trip - she offered to help me get caught up on my blog while whe was here - she did this entry and one other.  Can anyone find the other entry she did???

Here we are at the end of the school year, on our last field trip!  I can't believe how fast the school year went.  I was hoping our trip to the ocean was going to be at Myrtle Beach, NC!  It would have been so sunny and warm and my two sisters in North Carolina were prepared to bring their kids and join us for our field trip....  but Obama hasn't put enough money into our school systems so we settled for 15 miles from home and went to Alki Beach! 

We had a great time exploring and touching the star fish.  Adam even held a tiny little crab.  Jackson had a little fright when the two scubba divers just "popped" out of the water.  It was a great day!

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