Monday, February 28, 2011

When did that happen?

A couple weekends ago, we decided to put the high chair away and move Jackson into a booster seat at the table.  He LOVES to sit at the table and will often go over to his chair and say "Sit, sit, sit" until you pick him up and sit him at the table. 
Scott snapped this picture the other morning of Jackson sitting at the table eating some cold cereal.  When did he get this big?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tooth #2

Adam lost tooth #2 last night.  It's a good thing because those permanent teeth are almost all the way in!  He told Scott that he was going to sleep with one eye open so he could see the tooth fairy....  I don't think that worked out the way he had hoped...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brush your teeth!

We don't have to ask this kids twice!
 Every chance he gets (which means any time the bathroom door is left open), Jackson is up on that stool pulling out his toothbrush and toothpaste and going through the motions of brushing his teeth.
 He loves to brush his teeth!  Gotta be just like big brother!


Adam is growing up so quickly - right before our eyes.  I'm not sure where he's learning it - probably just picking it up from observing other people - but he has become quite a good conversationalist.  Here are a few examples.
Friday night, my mom called, and Adam wanted to talk to her so I handed him the phone.  He starts talking and walking into the other room.  I hear the following:
Adam: "What's that noise Grandma?"  (Grandma must have told him that it was Robyn - she was at Daris and Rachael's house to babysit for them)
Adam: "How's Robyn doing?"  (Response from Grandma)
Adam: "Is she growing big?" (Response from Grandma)
He is always polite and interested in what's going on with other people!
Sunday morning, Scott was sleeping down on the couch (apparently, I had been snoring - I was tired!).  Adam came downstairs and sat down next to him and they had the following conversation:
Adam: "How was the temple, dad?"  (Scott and I had been to the temple Saturday night)
Scott: "It was good.  There were a lot of people there."
Adam: "What did you learn?"
It's so funny to hear him talk like that.  He always listens politely to the other persons answers!  He asks Scott "How was work?" every night when he gets home from work.  He just seems so grown up when he participates in a conversation in this way.  It's happened so fast!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Enough Already

Jackson has had a heck of a week.  I'm hoping things get better - SOON!  It all really started Sunday, as we were walking into church.  Jackson was standing between the wall and the big glass door.  He started to walk around the door, and Scott thought he had made it past the door, so he opened it all the way and Jackson walked right into it.  He screamed and screamed, and has a nice bruise on the side of his forehead.  And then Monday night - the infamous faceplant.  Then Tuesday with the cuts on his hands.  Wednesday, he was trying to climb onto one of the chairs at the table, slipped off and smacked his cheek, he's got a nice long bruise across one cheek.  And yesterday (Thursday), he fell down two stairs and somehow scrapped the middle of his forehead, so he's got a nice red spot/bruise on the middle of his forehead.  And finally - to top it all off - Scott, Jackson and I walked over to get the mail last night after Adam went to play at Xander's house.  We had so much fun jumping and running!  When we came back in the house, Scott and I were hanging up coats and taking off shoes.  Jackson walked over to his Buzz ride on toy, and was trying to sit down for a ride.  It was up against the wall, so he couldn't get his leg over it.  He got both knees on top of the seat, and put his hands on the wall and the darn thing started rolling.  Jackson, once again faceplanted onto the floor.  Much screaming ensued and the blood started flowing - again.  He had a bloody nose, a fat lip, and a mouth full of blood.  This little guy just can't win lately!
Oh - and I almost forgot - yesterday as I was washing dishes, Jackson wedged himself behind the couch and knocked over our tall floor lamp.  The glass shade shattered and there was glass everywhere!  It scared the poor kid to death, and I was so mad - until I saw his little face and held his shaking body.  I'm just not sure what to do with him - maybe I should wrap him in bubble wrap for the next couple of weeks...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bloody 24 hours!

This blog entry is not about making a horror show.  The blood is real, and there was so much more than it shows in this picture.  This is the sweater I was wearing last night when Jackson fell and cut open his lip. 
 He was so excited to get in the shower and his little legs just couldn't keep up with his body.  He tripped and fell - like he's done at least a hundred times before, but this time was different.  He hit his mouth on the metal divider that runs between the carpet and linoleum floors, and then he started screaming!  I ran to pick him up and there was already a pool of blood on the floor.  I grabbed the closest towel to try to contain the blood.  It's amazing how mouth wounds can bleed and bleed!  He had a mouth full of blood as well as a bloody nose.  Poor kid!  This is what he looked like once we finally got him calmed down.  Luckily, he didn't knock out any teeth - he just sliced open the inside of his upper lip (on the right side in the picture), and cut the skin that connects the upper lip to the upper gums.  When I finally looked inside his mouth, I was surprised that those were the only real injuries.  You would have thought he had cut a major artery or vein!
 The poor guy was a trooper, and was soon his happy self.  He took a quick shower and kept sucking his fat lip in, and every once in awhile he would let out a little sob to remind us that he was hurt.  But, he slept pretty good - only waking up twice for a little cuddle, and then going right back to sleep.
Here is a picture from this morning.  The swelling was mostly gone from the upper lip - just a couple of sores.
And here he is tonight.  Yes, he is once again sad and crying.  Want to know why?
 See those two bandaids on his fingers?  He was playing in the toy closet tonight, and just started screaming again.  I went to see what was going on and he had blood running down his hand.  He had found a piece of a broken candle holder  (I thought I had cleaned it all up), and cut two of his fingers. 
 They were both like little paper cuts, but they were bleeding pretty good, so I put some bandaids on them. You would think I had tried to cut those fingers off. He kept pulling at the bandaids trying to get them off, and screaming at me when they wouldn't come off. I just had to laugh thinking that in another 6 months or so, he'll be begging me for a bandaid for the tiniest little thing!

So - here's my little beat up guy right before going to bed tonight.  He did finally calm down and played for a little bit before taking a bath and going to bed.  Hopefully there will be no blood tomorrow! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cool Dude!

This is Adam's typical outfit for playing outside at school.  He's very cool!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life has been moving on at our house.  I wanted to do a quick post about some of the things we've been doing...
Fun things:
1.  I registered Adam for kindergarten yesterday.  How did that happen so fast?  And, when can he start?  I love my Adam, but he is sooooooooooo ready for real school.  We walked over to Hilltop yesterday morning (in the rain, because I told Adam we could walk, and he did not want to go in the car, even though it was REALLY raining!  I shouldn't complain - we didn't melt) and Adam thought he was in heaven.  He kept looking for his friend Wyatt and asking me where Wyatt was and where Wyatt's classroom was and Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.  We didn't see Wyatt, but we did see a couple other kids from church, which made Adam super excited.  So, we got all registered and then went home, had some lunch and piled in the car to take Adam to preschool.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, Adam said, "Why are we coming here?  I want to go to my big school!"  Oh bother - I should have left him with a friend while I registered him by myself.  September is a long way off!
2.  Jackson is such a funny kid.  He knows what he wants, and can throw himself on the ground and scream if he doesn't get it.  He is so in love with his older brother and does everything Adam does.  The other day, Jackson was taking a shower (both my boys would rather take a shower than a bath), and I saw him slide the door open a little bit, grab the towel hanging on the door and wipe his face, then close the door again.  Adam does that all the time when he's in the shower.  He's always wiping water out of his eyes, but Jackson normally doesn't care - he just wants to be like his older brother.
Two things that Jackson loves - brushing his teeth - anytime the bathroom door is open he runs in there, climbs up on the stool and pantomimes all the things that need to be done to get those teeth clean.  It's so cute! And #2 - HUMPY!  All you have to do is say humpy and Jackson is running to Adam's room with a huge smile on his face, screaming for someone to pick him up so he can see the silly fish!  He dances around Adam's room, pointing up at the fish making funny sounds that sort of sound like "humpy".  I think Jackson likes the fish more than Adam.  Adam has decided that the fish food stinks so he doesn't want to feed him anymore - and when he does, he holds his nose so he doesn't have to smell the food!
Not so fun things:
1.  Adam took a ball point pen to our sectional.  Not a good thing.  He decided to draw dark circles and squigglly lines in several different places.  He's 5!  I thought kids were supposed to do stuff like that when they were 2 or 3.  He spent some time in his room, and then had to come downstairs and help daddy try to clean it off.  He doesn't get any writing instruments except at school all week.  Arghhh!
2.  We found out last week that our wonderful neighbors are moving.  I can't even express how sad I am about this!  Adam and Xander have known each other since Xander came home from the hospital in May of 2006.  They were supposed to go to Kindergarten together...  They were supposed to graduate from high school together (ok - I knew that one probably wouldn't happen) - but they were supposed to be able to do a little more growing up together.  We LOVE the Terry's.  They have been awesome neighbors, and we aren't sure what we are going to do without them.  I have to stop writing about it, because I'm just gonna cry....   
That's it for now.                                      

Friday, February 4, 2011

Starting to Talk!

Yesterday Jackson was sitting on the stairs saying "Ready, Set, Go!" After saying this he would throw a toy down the stairs. Last night after dinner I was playing with him and he started saying it again so we caught it on tape!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just like Daddy

This is a picture of Scott sleeping as a baby...
 Here's Jackson last night in his crib....
Pooh Bear!