Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bloody 24 hours!

This blog entry is not about making a horror show.  The blood is real, and there was so much more than it shows in this picture.  This is the sweater I was wearing last night when Jackson fell and cut open his lip. 
 He was so excited to get in the shower and his little legs just couldn't keep up with his body.  He tripped and fell - like he's done at least a hundred times before, but this time was different.  He hit his mouth on the metal divider that runs between the carpet and linoleum floors, and then he started screaming!  I ran to pick him up and there was already a pool of blood on the floor.  I grabbed the closest towel to try to contain the blood.  It's amazing how mouth wounds can bleed and bleed!  He had a mouth full of blood as well as a bloody nose.  Poor kid!  This is what he looked like once we finally got him calmed down.  Luckily, he didn't knock out any teeth - he just sliced open the inside of his upper lip (on the right side in the picture), and cut the skin that connects the upper lip to the upper gums.  When I finally looked inside his mouth, I was surprised that those were the only real injuries.  You would have thought he had cut a major artery or vein!
 The poor guy was a trooper, and was soon his happy self.  He took a quick shower and kept sucking his fat lip in, and every once in awhile he would let out a little sob to remind us that he was hurt.  But, he slept pretty good - only waking up twice for a little cuddle, and then going right back to sleep.
Here is a picture from this morning.  The swelling was mostly gone from the upper lip - just a couple of sores.
And here he is tonight.  Yes, he is once again sad and crying.  Want to know why?
 See those two bandaids on his fingers?  He was playing in the toy closet tonight, and just started screaming again.  I went to see what was going on and he had blood running down his hand.  He had found a piece of a broken candle holder  (I thought I had cleaned it all up), and cut two of his fingers. 
 They were both like little paper cuts, but they were bleeding pretty good, so I put some bandaids on them. You would think I had tried to cut those fingers off. He kept pulling at the bandaids trying to get them off, and screaming at me when they wouldn't come off. I just had to laugh thinking that in another 6 months or so, he'll be begging me for a bandaid for the tiniest little thing!

So - here's my little beat up guy right before going to bed tonight.  He did finally calm down and played for a little bit before taking a bath and going to bed.  Hopefully there will be no blood tomorrow! 


Tiffiny said...

it looks like he didn't get the love of bandaids that Adam had. Sounds like a fun couple of nights.

TheFischerFam said...

I am glad he is okay and hope the rest of the week goes better.

Tip: To get the blood out of your sweater either use Jackson's spit or hydrogen peroxide. However, that is a lot of blood, so I don't know if it will all come out.