Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life has been moving on at our house.  I wanted to do a quick post about some of the things we've been doing...
Fun things:
1.  I registered Adam for kindergarten yesterday.  How did that happen so fast?  And, when can he start?  I love my Adam, but he is sooooooooooo ready for real school.  We walked over to Hilltop yesterday morning (in the rain, because I told Adam we could walk, and he did not want to go in the car, even though it was REALLY raining!  I shouldn't complain - we didn't melt) and Adam thought he was in heaven.  He kept looking for his friend Wyatt and asking me where Wyatt was and where Wyatt's classroom was and Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.  We didn't see Wyatt, but we did see a couple other kids from church, which made Adam super excited.  So, we got all registered and then went home, had some lunch and piled in the car to take Adam to preschool.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, Adam said, "Why are we coming here?  I want to go to my big school!"  Oh bother - I should have left him with a friend while I registered him by myself.  September is a long way off!
2.  Jackson is such a funny kid.  He knows what he wants, and can throw himself on the ground and scream if he doesn't get it.  He is so in love with his older brother and does everything Adam does.  The other day, Jackson was taking a shower (both my boys would rather take a shower than a bath), and I saw him slide the door open a little bit, grab the towel hanging on the door and wipe his face, then close the door again.  Adam does that all the time when he's in the shower.  He's always wiping water out of his eyes, but Jackson normally doesn't care - he just wants to be like his older brother.
Two things that Jackson loves - brushing his teeth - anytime the bathroom door is open he runs in there, climbs up on the stool and pantomimes all the things that need to be done to get those teeth clean.  It's so cute! And #2 - HUMPY!  All you have to do is say humpy and Jackson is running to Adam's room with a huge smile on his face, screaming for someone to pick him up so he can see the silly fish!  He dances around Adam's room, pointing up at the fish making funny sounds that sort of sound like "humpy".  I think Jackson likes the fish more than Adam.  Adam has decided that the fish food stinks so he doesn't want to feed him anymore - and when he does, he holds his nose so he doesn't have to smell the food!
Not so fun things:
1.  Adam took a ball point pen to our sectional.  Not a good thing.  He decided to draw dark circles and squigglly lines in several different places.  He's 5!  I thought kids were supposed to do stuff like that when they were 2 or 3.  He spent some time in his room, and then had to come downstairs and help daddy try to clean it off.  He doesn't get any writing instruments except at school all week.  Arghhh!
2.  We found out last week that our wonderful neighbors are moving.  I can't even express how sad I am about this!  Adam and Xander have known each other since Xander came home from the hospital in May of 2006.  They were supposed to go to Kindergarten together...  They were supposed to graduate from high school together (ok - I knew that one probably wouldn't happen) - but they were supposed to be able to do a little more growing up together.  We LOVE the Terry's.  They have been awesome neighbors, and we aren't sure what we are going to do without them.  I have to stop writing about it, because I'm just gonna cry....   
That's it for now.                                      


Diane said...

Life is good at the Wallis'.

I like your new blog design.

Sarah Ragatz said...

They're moving!? That is sad. Where are they going? Hopefully not too far... And if they are going far, they are welcome to give Charlotte a try! They may not remember me, but I remember them!