Sunday, February 20, 2011


Adam is growing up so quickly - right before our eyes.  I'm not sure where he's learning it - probably just picking it up from observing other people - but he has become quite a good conversationalist.  Here are a few examples.
Friday night, my mom called, and Adam wanted to talk to her so I handed him the phone.  He starts talking and walking into the other room.  I hear the following:
Adam: "What's that noise Grandma?"  (Grandma must have told him that it was Robyn - she was at Daris and Rachael's house to babysit for them)
Adam: "How's Robyn doing?"  (Response from Grandma)
Adam: "Is she growing big?" (Response from Grandma)
He is always polite and interested in what's going on with other people!
Sunday morning, Scott was sleeping down on the couch (apparently, I had been snoring - I was tired!).  Adam came downstairs and sat down next to him and they had the following conversation:
Adam: "How was the temple, dad?"  (Scott and I had been to the temple Saturday night)
Scott: "It was good.  There were a lot of people there."
Adam: "What did you learn?"
It's so funny to hear him talk like that.  He always listens politely to the other persons answers!  He asks Scott "How was work?" every night when he gets home from work.  He just seems so grown up when he participates in a conversation in this way.  It's happened so fast!


Diane said...

It's shocking how fast children grow up. I still can't believe my children have children of their own!

Heidi said...

Wow! That is so impressive, I can't think of any children that good at listening and responding. What a sweet selfless boy to care so much about others. We should set up the betrothal now between Adam and Brielle, I want her to marry a thoughtful kid like him.