Friday, February 18, 2011

Enough Already

Jackson has had a heck of a week.  I'm hoping things get better - SOON!  It all really started Sunday, as we were walking into church.  Jackson was standing between the wall and the big glass door.  He started to walk around the door, and Scott thought he had made it past the door, so he opened it all the way and Jackson walked right into it.  He screamed and screamed, and has a nice bruise on the side of his forehead.  And then Monday night - the infamous faceplant.  Then Tuesday with the cuts on his hands.  Wednesday, he was trying to climb onto one of the chairs at the table, slipped off and smacked his cheek, he's got a nice long bruise across one cheek.  And yesterday (Thursday), he fell down two stairs and somehow scrapped the middle of his forehead, so he's got a nice red spot/bruise on the middle of his forehead.  And finally - to top it all off - Scott, Jackson and I walked over to get the mail last night after Adam went to play at Xander's house.  We had so much fun jumping and running!  When we came back in the house, Scott and I were hanging up coats and taking off shoes.  Jackson walked over to his Buzz ride on toy, and was trying to sit down for a ride.  It was up against the wall, so he couldn't get his leg over it.  He got both knees on top of the seat, and put his hands on the wall and the darn thing started rolling.  Jackson, once again faceplanted onto the floor.  Much screaming ensued and the blood started flowing - again.  He had a bloody nose, a fat lip, and a mouth full of blood.  This little guy just can't win lately!
Oh - and I almost forgot - yesterday as I was washing dishes, Jackson wedged himself behind the couch and knocked over our tall floor lamp.  The glass shade shattered and there was glass everywhere!  It scared the poor kid to death, and I was so mad - until I saw his little face and held his shaking body.  I'm just not sure what to do with him - maybe I should wrap him in bubble wrap for the next couple of weeks...

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Sarah Ragatz said...

My goodness! It would be cruel to wrap him in a bubble. Maybe try bubble wrapping your house instead!