Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is it Adam or Jackson?

So, Sarah asked for some newborn pictures of Adam. Can you tell from the pictures below, which are of Adam and which is Jackson? The first are pictures of coming home from the hospital.

These are pictures from the hospital.
I know there are lots more pictures I could post, and I'll do more as time goes on. Did you guess that the top pictures are Adam?


The Conrad Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! They really do look alike!! CRAZY!! What cute little boys! Give them loves from us!! Love you!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Ha! I was thinking, "I'll totally be able to tell the pictures (not babies) apart because I've probably seen all the recent ones of Jackson. How convenient that you have identical shots of the boys!! And, no, I couldn't tell which was which! You weren't joking, they look so much alike.

Sarah Ragatz said...

Oh, and its funny that they're BOTH crying in the "welcome home" picture!

Laura D said...

Zach said "he doesn't look very happy to be going home!" I tell only because I remember the coming home picture of Jackson. (I looked at it longer becsuaw of Zach's comment!) But, WoW they do look alike! At least you know what Jackson will look like when he is older!