Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do we have enough batteries?

It's been raining pretty hard around here. Yesterday, it rained a lot. All day long. A lot! Around 6:30pm, our power starting flickering off and on, and then it finally went out for good. Adam was very concerned at first, until I was able to get some candles lit and find a flashlight or two. Once he was calmed down, he walked over to the light switches, and kept flicking them off and on. Then he looked at me and said - "Maybe we need new batteries?"
I guess Adam knows how to fix things when they stop working...
When Scott got home, he found a perfect flashlight for Adam. He was very happy to have a light that went with him where ever he went.

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Donna Mae said...

See! Just like I have been saying for years. Adam is the smartest grandson ever.