Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Month

I can't believe Jackson is a month old! How did that happen so quickly!! Here are some picture highlights of his first month of life! This first picture was taken on October 21st - he didn't want to wake up that day, so it's a sleeping picture. Doesn't he look huge? Such a cutie-pie!! Adam wanted to pose like his brother! He's a cutie too! Some days I wish he would sleep a little bit more like his brother does!
Daddy and his boys!
Jackson and mommy hanging out before bedtime. He's just so kissable - I can't resist!!
Jackson asleep in the cradle. This cradle was made by my Grandpa Conrad - he taught high school wood shop and has made some amazing pieces of furniture for me and all of my siblings. I had asked him to make me a cradle shortly after Scott and I were married, and then thought for several years that we wouldn't be able to use it. It's very special that Jackson is now the second baby to sleep in it!!

Adam LOVES his little brother and he loves to hold him! He is a very big helper!

And here is our favorite picture of Jackson. His little personality is starting to emerge.
It has been a whirl-wind of a month! We are so happy to have Jackson as part of our family! He is still sleeping away most of the days, but we are enjoying the coo-ing sounds he's starting to make. He's starting to focus his eyes more and look around as well. It's fun to watch his face as he takes in the world around him! I marvel every day at the miracle that he is and the joy he has brought into our family!

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Donna Mae said...

Oh how wonderful high tech is. I love the pictures. My grandson are beautiful boys. I dream of the day I can come visit.