Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day With Adam (by guest blogger Grandma Conrad)

Adam had his first field trip with preschool a couple days after Jackson was born. Grandma took the day off of work, and went with him...they had a fun day!!
I was able to go with Adam on his first field trip for his preschool. We went to the Everett Children's Museum and spent the day playing. This is a picture of Adam waiting outside for the other kids in his preschool group.

We were going to go on a bus ride so here Adam is being the bus driver getting us all loaded up to go.
This is one place he loved going, he is flying an airplane. He kept saying, "sit down Grandma, I am going to fly you somewhere." I'm not sure where we went, but it was sure a lot of fun. He even had me sit in the co-pilot seat and help him fly the plane a few times.
The main purpose of the field trip was to go on the bus ride, here is a picture with Adam and the group of kids that are in his preschool, they had fun riding the bus and looking out the window at all the cars that went by.
When we got back to the museum from the bus ride it was lunch time but Adam was having to much fun to stop and eat. So we just went from room to room playing, Grandma had a hard time keeping up with him. He liked playing on the fire truck and anyone that was playing with him he would tell them that his uncle Daris was real firefighter.

He loved putting the balls in the tubes and watching them go all over in the tube. The air would take them up and around. He would put all five balls in each of the different tubes and then stand and watch them.

We ended the day up on the roof of the museum where they had a BIG slide to climb up too and and then go down. It was a pretty high slide and it had lots of turns in it but he loved it. He is working really hard to get to the top.

When we finally left after 6 hours (I told him the Grandma was tired and needed to go home) I think he would have stayed there until it closed at 9 in the evening if I would have let him. I told him he needed to eat something so we sat in the back of the car and had a little car picnic. He was hungry so he ate really well. It was a FUN day and I'm glad that I could spend the day with him. I went home very tired but so was he, I had to really keep him talking on the way home because he kept wanting to fall asleep. Love, Grandma


Trish Derrick said...

Wow what a great day you had Grandma! I am so glad you had the fun task of going on a field trip with your grandson!!

The Conrad Family said...

What a fun day for Adam and Grandma! Now it is our turn...send Grandma our way and she can take all four for the day! Imagine the blogging she could do!