Monday, September 14, 2009

A four year old weekend!

September 13, 2005 - a day to remember!! I can't believe it was four years ago that Adam was born. He was our miracle baby, and I am so thankful to have spent the last four years with him!!
Scott and I decided to go all out this year, and had a little party for him at his most favorite place in the whole-wide world! Jump Planet! We invited a few friends and had a great time on Saturday. Unfortunately, most of the pictures turned out too dark, and it's hard to see who is in them. Scott did get this great one of Adam running around the corner.
All the kids had a great time - and I think they probably all went home afterwards and took a nap! Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate - and for the fun presents! We are lucky to have wonderful friends!!
The next day was Adam's actual birthday. Grandma Conrad, and Daris and Rachael joined us for another celebration. The weather was beautiful, so Scott grilled some hotdogs and hamburgers, and then Adam opened up another round of presents. Do you think he looks excited?
Adam is a transformer kid right now. Grandma found him a great T-shirt, which I'm sure he'll be wearing constantly!!
He's been telling EVERYONE that he wants OPTIMUS PRIME for his birthday. Scott found this great one, that flies and talks - and the best part is that it doesn't transform into anything! One less guy to change back into a car! He lost no time getting started playing with this guy and the Megatron that he got as well. He just needs someone to play the bad guy and he's in heaven!
And here he is blowing out his candles - all four of them!
I'm stealing an idea from a friends blog (hope she doesn't mind). Everytime she blogs about one of her kids birthdays, she writes about things she wants to remember about them when they were that age. So - here goes!
Things I want to remember about Adam at age 4...
  • I adore listening to you laugh! You have the best laugh around and it comes so easily!
  • I love watching you play with your dad! You love him so much and can't wait for him to get home everyday! He can make you laugh better than anyone else!
  • Although you love your dad - you idolize your Uncle Brian. Somehow he has taught you everything you know, and he is the coolest person ever!
  • I love laying in bed with you at night, after reading a story and singing songs with you. Your current favorites are "The Wheels on the Bus" (although your bus has very strange occupants - likes pigs, cars and robots), "You've Had a Birthday", "If You're Happy and you Know It", "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam", and "My Eternal Family" (or the builders song, as you like to call it!)
  • Everytime someone wished you a Happy Birthday, you would say "Happy Birthday to you" right back to them! I guess we didn't talk about how you respond to that one!
  • For some reason, you have started to gesture very big with your hands when you have something important to say. I love to watch you talk about things that are important to you. ("That's what robots do - they change from cars to robots, all day!!")

There are so many more things I could write about my precious Adam. I hope he knows how much he is loved. We went for a walk last night, and Scott and I were talking about Adam and what our life was like before he was born. Scott mentioned that he was happy before we had kids, but he could never have imagined how much happier adding a child to our life could make him. Adam is the light of our lives, and I am so happy he joined our family 4 years ago!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

The Conrad Family said...

What a sweet boy Adam is!!! We sure love him and hope he had the best birthday! The kids looked at the pictures and said maybe tomorrow we could come to Seattle and go to Jump Planet with Adam. I am petitioning to move Washington right next to Wyoming! We miss you guys! Love you!

Sarah Ragatz said...

I love that Adam said "Happy Birthday to you" in response. That's so cute.

Donna Mae said...

I wish I had magic. Having grandchildren far away is very hard. I miss out on so much. But when I get to see Adam, he is excited to see me and acts like the miles were never there. I love that. He could not be any better. Is there anyone that doesn't love Adam? I don't think so. Love you much Adam.

Markowski Family said...

Cute idea, Tammy- I am going to have to copy the whole "writing down things that you want to remember about that age". Adam is so cute and we can't wait for the newest Wallis to surface!