Monday, September 24, 2012

J-man is 3!

My Jackson is growing up!  How did he get to be 3 already?  This guy is SO much fun!  He's also very stubborn!  And he's just so darn cute!  Daddy made him a funny face pancake for breakfast on the morning of his birthday!  He was super excited about it!
 And then we let him open a couple of his presents before Adam left for school.  It was a Spiderman birthday for Jackson this year.  Here he is in a cool Spiderman sweatshirt.
 And what he really, REALLY wanted - a Spiderman costume! 
 For dinner that night, we headed to daddy's restaurant in Renton.  It was our last chance to have dinner at that particular restaurant before daddy started his new job, and Jackson has loved going to The Rock to eat with dad.  The best part was that Uncle Brian was there too, so he got to see his buddy too!  He opened the rest of his presents (notice the Spiderman t-shirt he has on...) and enjoyed blowing out the candle on a cookie skillet.
 That night, he even slept in his Spiderman costume!
 The next morning, the celebrations continued!  The day started with a super hero battle between the good guys - Spiderman and Ironhide (Adam's costume from last year), and the evil daddy!  Not sure who won, but they had tons of fun!
 Then grandma and Aunt Rachael and Robyn joined us for a bowling outing.  We've gone bowling a couple of times, and Jackson loves it!  So, off we went!  Here's Jackson carrying a rather large bowling ball - I think it was 8 pounds!
Here's a silly video of Jackson bowling/dancing!
 After bowling, we headed back to the house for pizza and cake.  Jackson wanted a Spiderman cake.  So, he got a web with some Spiderman guys on it!  He thought it was pretty cool!

What else can I say about our J-man?  He keeps us all entertained!  He's got such a great vocabulary and talks pretty much constantly!  He was weighed at his 3 year check up and weighed in at 40 lbs, 10 oz. (98th percentile - Adam was 38.5 pounds at 3).  Jackson isn't afraid of anything - he'll jump off of anything and swing off of anything!  I can't imagine our family without him!!
Love the J-MAN!!

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