Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Garden update

Several people (ok - 2) have asked me if we've figured out what's growing in our garden yet.  No definitive answer yet - but there is finally something growing from one of the blossoms.  It's round and green.  I'm guessing it's probably a pumpkin, since zuchinni usually start out skinny and long (right?)  Here's a picture of it...
 And here's the full plant.  It is very viney, and there have been tons of blossoms.  I check it every couple of days to see if anything has come from the blossoms, but that one little round thing is the first I've seen. 
In other garden news - our raspberries have been reclaimed!  Saturday, Scott had one of his young men come over and help pull out the broken fence and put up a new one that will hopefully protect them for several years.  We even pulled up some of the starts and expanded the growing area.  Doesn't it look nice?
My parents also came out on Saturday.  Yesterday - my dad posted the following on facebook:

"Saturday Kathy and I went up to Tammy and Scott's house, they were out working in the yard. One of the things they did was replace a lattice fence around their raspberry patch, it had caught one too many soccer balls and was broken, the new fense has several more vertical supports as well as an extra horizontal support that Scott put in. After the new fence was up I asked Adam if he thought the new fence was strong enough. He looked at me then at the fence then back to me and said. "I can kick it down grampa." way to go kid, there is a lot of Conrad in you."

Alright Adam - I think it's a pretty strong fence.  I guess we'll see who's stronger!


Sarah Ragatz said...

That's totally a pumpkin plant. Mike and Laura had some and I'm pretty certain it had that same huge yellow-orangy flower. And please keep me posted on the fence!! Too funny!

Laura D said...

I am pretty sure Adam will win! Make sure you have all hatchets locked up!