Friday, September 7, 2012

On the first day of 1st grade!

School started on Wednesday!  We had a bit of a tramatic start to school the day before - we were walking over to the school to find out who Adam's teacher was and who was in his class (they didn't post class lists until the day before school!  Crazy!!)  We walked over with our good friends who live down the street - they have a girl Adam's age, a boy who is 4 who Jackson LOVES to play with, and a baby who is 5 months old.  We walked our normal route to school, and got up to the busy street.  Jackson and his buddy Jonas for some reason ran out into the street (which is something they don't normally do).  Both moms yelled and told them to come back.  Jackson came back, but Jonas continued to cross the street.  His mom told him to stay there, that we would cross at the crosswalk and be right there with him.  He started crying and getting really upset, and then next thing we know, he's darted out into the road in front of a car.  There was no chance for the driver to stop, and Jonas hit the hood of the car and bounced right off into the street.  It was a very surreal moment.  Not something I ever thought I would see, and not something I ever want to see happen again.  Miraculously, Jonas is fine.  After a trip to the hospital in an ambulance, he was cleaned up, x-ray'd, bandaged up and sent home.  Three days later, Jackson still talks about it pretty constantly.  We've seen Jonas every day since the accident, and it's so nice to see him up and playing as if nothing ever happened.  There are a few reminders - like the patches of road rash on his head and cheek, and the huge bruises on his elbows and knees.  We are so thankful he is ok!  And I'm thankful that everyone who witnessed the accident is ok as well.  His sister was having a really hard time, but the priesthood is such a powerful tool!  I am thankful for that blessing!  Everyone is healing and moving past it - and I think all of those involved learned a very real lesson about looking both ways before crossing the street.  There has been a lot of second guessing about how we could have prevented this from happening, but it was an accident.  We are grateful that the ending is good!
So, Wednesday morning - I was still feeling a bit shaky about everything, but it was still the first day of school, so we got up and moved on!!  Adam requested chocolate chip pancakes that said "Happy first day of school".  This is what he got!
 If you can't tell - it says "Happy 1st grade" - which ended up being ok.  He wasn't even able to eat one of those pancakes all gone!  At least the pancakes were whole wheat!  Talk about a lot of sugar in the morning!!
First day of school pictures - Adam wanted to show how old he was going to be...
 Doesn't he look grown up?
 All the kiddos!  Jackson is adjusting to Adam being gone again.  He's been missed!
 Standing in line with his class.  These two boys were in his class last year!
 And walking to class.
I'm really happy with the teacher Adam got this year.  She has been a very popular teacher at Hilltop the past couple of years.  He seems to like her - although it's only been 2 days of school so far!  We seem to be off to a good start!  He told me this morning on the way to school, that he really likes going to school!  Yay - I hope he says that in another month!!

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Laura D said...

That is a horrible story. I got all teary eyed.... I am glad your little friend is ok.