Monday, October 31, 2011


We haven't been much into the Halloween spirit around here.  In fact, Adam asked me several times why we didn't have any Halloween decorations ups.  What can I say - we don't really HAVE any Halloween decorations.  Maybe next year he can help me make some.
The boys (at least Adam) were excited to go trick or treating.  We told Jackson he could choose between Mickey Mouse and the Purple Dragon for a costume.  He said Mickey Mouse every time.  So - here's our cute Mickey.  His feet were too big for the shoes, but he was loving the gloves!!
 Here they both are, ready to go.  Adam is Ironhide from the Transformers.  He was pretty excited about those muscles...
 Xander and Maira joined us for trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Here they are ready to head out.
That's all the pictures we took.  They walked up and down the street, and Jackson got more and more excited at every door.  He's very good at saying "Trick or treat" and he even started telling everyone "Happy Halloween" in his cute 2 year old voice.  All in all it was a pretty uneventful Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011


We ventured out to Bob's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm with our friends the Terry's and grandma and grandpa on Saturday.  The weekend before had been sunny and beautiful.  Saturday was rainy and gray, so we took a trip to Fred Meyer first to get some rain boots for the boys.  It was our lucky day because they were having a sale, and we got free boot liners with the purchase of the boots.  Woo Hoo, us!
Warning - there are lots of pictures in this post! 
Making funny faced pumpkins!
 It was muddy, but most of the time Jackson wanted to walk all by himself.  We should have taken a picture of his bum before we got him undressed, he fell a few times and was by far the muddiest of all!
 The hayride down to the pumpkin fields.
 Jackson didn't seem to mind the ride down, but he was pretty upset when we had to get back on the trailer for the ride back up.
 Grandpa being helpful and showing the boys what to do in a mud puddle.

 Jackson helping dad carry his pumpkin.
 The cute kiddos in the field.
 Sharing snacks.
 Making silly corn faces.
 The cow train ride - Jackson waving.
 You can't really tell from his face, but Jackson really did enjoy the ride!  Scott said he kept saying "Yay, yay!"
 Adam wasn't too sure about going on the cow train, but his buddy Xander convinced him it would be fun.
 Sunday night, we cut those pumpkins up and did a little carving.  We didn't take too many pictures of this part.  Adam's class at school had gone to the pumpkin farm earlier in the week for a field trip.  His teacher challenged all the kids to count all the seeds in their pumpkin.  Adam really wanted to do it, so we did.  There were 425 seeds in his little pumpkin.  We were all surprised!
Here, dad is carving the face that Adam drew on his pumpkin.
 And here's Jackson's carved pumpkin.  He was so proud of it!  Thanks Grandpa for carving it for him!
 And here we all are with our carved pumpkins.
 And the masterpieces!
 I had to include this picture also.  Adam took a picture of Grandma and Grandpa as they were leaving...  He did a good job - don't you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Legos anyone?

One thing about Jackson being in the same room as Adam, is that we can't close the bedroom door so that all of Adam's toys with little pieces are off limits.  Jackson has been loving the access to Adam's legos.  However, he doesn't quite understand what he's supposed to do with them.  Yesterday morning, Scott came down the stairs and as he turned the corner, he saw this....
Jackson grinned and said "Play Legos with me??"
At least he likes to sing the clean up song and help pick up toys...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bedtime - yeah!

We bought some bunk beds several weeks ago for the boys.  Jackson is moving in to share a room with Adam!  Jackson's super excited about it - Adam goes back and forth.  Anyway - the beds were delivered about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and Adam's been getting used to sleeping on the top bunk.  He's done so well at being careful getting up in the middle of the night, and really transistioned quite easily.  We didn't have a mattress for the bottom bunk, so Jackson has been waiting patiently.  I finally ordered the mattress, and it was delivered yesterday during Jackson's nap.  When Jackson saw it, he was so excited!  He helped make the bed, and moved his pillow and stuffed animals from the crib to the big bed.  He kept creeping up the stairs to look at his new bed all afternoon.  He was so ready for bedtime last night!  He crawled up into bed, we read a couple of books, sang "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam", and then he told me to leave. 
Do you think he's happy to be sleeping in a big bed??? 
It took him awhile to fall asleep, and then he was awake at about 2am when I went in to check on him.  But, he didn't crawl out of bed - not even in the morning when Adam got up.  Scott went in to check on him, and he was laying there awake with his hands behind his head and a little grin on his face.  I think he likes it!


I started going thru some baby girl stuff yesterday.  Jackson was helping.  Here's a sneak peak at what our little girl might look like...
Scott doesn't like this picture much...


Both boys had their well child checkups at the doctor this past week.  They both continue to grow so fast!  It's fun to watch Adam interact with the doctor and nurses now.  He answers all their questions (too bad I let him have Lucky Charms for breakfast, instead of making his something healthier like scrambled eggs, or french toast - oh well!)
Here are Adam's stats for his 6 year checkup
Height: 48.25 inches - just over 4 feet! (92%)
Weight: 52.5 pounds (80%)
BMI: 15.8 (60%)
He has obviously slimed down from his chuncky toddler and preschool years.  He has gotten so tall - he has grown over 4 inches in the past year.
Jackson's stats for 2 years...
Height: 37.5 inches (off the charts)
Weight: 35.4 pounds (way off the charts)
I can't find Adam's 2 years stats, but I know Adam was never off the charts at any of  his checkups.  Jackson is such a big kid.  The boys and I went to see my mom at her school carnival and as we were walking up, the Principal of the school who was sitting next to my mom, leaned over and said "He's gonna be a football player, isn't he?"  He's definatly a bruiser!
I opted to have both boys get the flu shot while at the doctor this time.  Last time, Adam had to have a shot, we talked about it before hand, and he handled it really well - didn't even cry when they gave him the shot.  So, I decided to give him a heads up the day before again, and told him he would get a flu shot while at the doctor, and explained that he needed to get one because if he got the flu, it could be really dangerous for his little sister because she is going to be so small and won't have the stuff to protect herself.  So, everyone in the family was getting a flu shot - mommy and daddy had both already had one, and now it was his and Jackson's turn.  Well - big mistake on my part this time!  He had a terrible time sleeping that night, and kept asking about the shot all morning.  By the time the end of the appointment came around and it was time for the shots, he was a mess.  He asked if Jackson could go first - so he did.  Adam was crying even before Jackson got his shot!  It was terrible!  Jackson was crying and I tried to comfort him, and Adam was getting more and more out of control about the whole thing.  I finally got Jackson calmed down and Adam was pretty much screaming.  I picked him up (yes - all 52 pounds of him - don't tell my OB who told me not to pick up Jackson!), and tried to get him on the table.  He kept putting his feet on the table and pushing agaisnt it.  I finally got him on the table and the real fight began.  He was screaming at the top of his lungs, doing all he could to get himself off the table.  I threw all my weight up against him to try to hold him there and get his arm out of his sleeve (note to self - short sleeves next time!)  He would not calm down, so I finally let him down off the table and we sat in the chairs for a few minutes to see if he would calm down.  After a few minutes, I had him taking deep breaths, and he said he was ready, so I helped him slip his arm out of his sleeve, and of course, the screaming started again.  He tried to get his arm back in his shirt sleeve, so I pinned it behind his back.  We sat there like that for a few minutes and I coaxed him onto my lap.  At that point, I was done - I looked at the nurse, wrapped my arms around his middle, and said "just do it!".  She walked over, wiped his arm and gave him the shot while he screamed at the top his lungs.  When it was over, I asked him if it was as bad as he thought it was going to be, and he said "no, but my arm really hurts!"  He cradled that arm the rest of the day. 
Next time - daddy gets to take them to get shots!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.  I love having pictures of my family together as the boys (and soon to be girl) grow.  It's so fun to look back at pictures of us with Adam at 1, 2, 3 and so on, and then adding Jackson into the mix. 
Here's the fam (we did not strategically place Adam in front of me to hide the baby bump - it just turned out this way)
 And here's my Adam.  He is such a poser.  The photographer didn't even have to tell him what to do...
 And J-Man.  We wanted to get a pic with his hands in his pockets.  He is obsessed with pockets lately, and always walks around this way.  This picture totally captures his personality for me!
 These other pictures I printed from the photographers website (don't tell anyone).  Here's another poser Adam shot.  He has this goofy grin lately!
 And a J-Man poser - look at those muscles!
 The photographer wanted to do maternity pictures as well.  She took a few shots, but I wasn't too happy with any of them.  I printed this one, so I'd at least have one picture to show what I looked like pregnant with this little girl.  I'm not sure what my deal is with maternity pictures.  I'm always bugged with the hands under the belly thing, and then everyone is always telling me how small I look and that I can't possibly be 32 (or whatever) weeks pregnant.  It was the same thing with the boys.  I have a long torso people!  I measure right on when I go to the doctor!!  Anyway - I guess I don't think the pictures look very impressive for all the work I've been putting in to growing this baby over the past 7 and a half months.  Pretty petty of me - huh?  Anyway - here I am at 32 weeks with baby girl (we have picked out a name, I'm just not adding it to the blog yet)
We'll do family pictures again when baby girl is about 6 months old.