Monday, October 31, 2011


We haven't been much into the Halloween spirit around here.  In fact, Adam asked me several times why we didn't have any Halloween decorations ups.  What can I say - we don't really HAVE any Halloween decorations.  Maybe next year he can help me make some.
The boys (at least Adam) were excited to go trick or treating.  We told Jackson he could choose between Mickey Mouse and the Purple Dragon for a costume.  He said Mickey Mouse every time.  So - here's our cute Mickey.  His feet were too big for the shoes, but he was loving the gloves!!
 Here they both are, ready to go.  Adam is Ironhide from the Transformers.  He was pretty excited about those muscles...
 Xander and Maira joined us for trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Here they are ready to head out.
That's all the pictures we took.  They walked up and down the street, and Jackson got more and more excited at every door.  He's very good at saying "Trick or treat" and he even started telling everyone "Happy Halloween" in his cute 2 year old voice.  All in all it was a pretty uneventful Halloween!

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