Monday, October 24, 2011


We ventured out to Bob's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm with our friends the Terry's and grandma and grandpa on Saturday.  The weekend before had been sunny and beautiful.  Saturday was rainy and gray, so we took a trip to Fred Meyer first to get some rain boots for the boys.  It was our lucky day because they were having a sale, and we got free boot liners with the purchase of the boots.  Woo Hoo, us!
Warning - there are lots of pictures in this post! 
Making funny faced pumpkins!
 It was muddy, but most of the time Jackson wanted to walk all by himself.  We should have taken a picture of his bum before we got him undressed, he fell a few times and was by far the muddiest of all!
 The hayride down to the pumpkin fields.
 Jackson didn't seem to mind the ride down, but he was pretty upset when we had to get back on the trailer for the ride back up.
 Grandpa being helpful and showing the boys what to do in a mud puddle.

 Jackson helping dad carry his pumpkin.
 The cute kiddos in the field.
 Sharing snacks.
 Making silly corn faces.
 The cow train ride - Jackson waving.
 You can't really tell from his face, but Jackson really did enjoy the ride!  Scott said he kept saying "Yay, yay!"
 Adam wasn't too sure about going on the cow train, but his buddy Xander convinced him it would be fun.
 Sunday night, we cut those pumpkins up and did a little carving.  We didn't take too many pictures of this part.  Adam's class at school had gone to the pumpkin farm earlier in the week for a field trip.  His teacher challenged all the kids to count all the seeds in their pumpkin.  Adam really wanted to do it, so we did.  There were 425 seeds in his little pumpkin.  We were all surprised!
Here, dad is carving the face that Adam drew on his pumpkin.
 And here's Jackson's carved pumpkin.  He was so proud of it!  Thanks Grandpa for carving it for him!
 And here we all are with our carved pumpkins.
 And the masterpieces!
 I had to include this picture also.  Adam took a picture of Grandma and Grandpa as they were leaving...  He did a good job - don't you think?

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Sarah Ragatz said...

You sure know how to make pumpkin carving look fun! (I don't actually like carving pumpkins...watching is more my thing)