Sunday, October 9, 2011


Both boys had their well child checkups at the doctor this past week.  They both continue to grow so fast!  It's fun to watch Adam interact with the doctor and nurses now.  He answers all their questions (too bad I let him have Lucky Charms for breakfast, instead of making his something healthier like scrambled eggs, or french toast - oh well!)
Here are Adam's stats for his 6 year checkup
Height: 48.25 inches - just over 4 feet! (92%)
Weight: 52.5 pounds (80%)
BMI: 15.8 (60%)
He has obviously slimed down from his chuncky toddler and preschool years.  He has gotten so tall - he has grown over 4 inches in the past year.
Jackson's stats for 2 years...
Height: 37.5 inches (off the charts)
Weight: 35.4 pounds (way off the charts)
I can't find Adam's 2 years stats, but I know Adam was never off the charts at any of  his checkups.  Jackson is such a big kid.  The boys and I went to see my mom at her school carnival and as we were walking up, the Principal of the school who was sitting next to my mom, leaned over and said "He's gonna be a football player, isn't he?"  He's definatly a bruiser!
I opted to have both boys get the flu shot while at the doctor this time.  Last time, Adam had to have a shot, we talked about it before hand, and he handled it really well - didn't even cry when they gave him the shot.  So, I decided to give him a heads up the day before again, and told him he would get a flu shot while at the doctor, and explained that he needed to get one because if he got the flu, it could be really dangerous for his little sister because she is going to be so small and won't have the stuff to protect herself.  So, everyone in the family was getting a flu shot - mommy and daddy had both already had one, and now it was his and Jackson's turn.  Well - big mistake on my part this time!  He had a terrible time sleeping that night, and kept asking about the shot all morning.  By the time the end of the appointment came around and it was time for the shots, he was a mess.  He asked if Jackson could go first - so he did.  Adam was crying even before Jackson got his shot!  It was terrible!  Jackson was crying and I tried to comfort him, and Adam was getting more and more out of control about the whole thing.  I finally got Jackson calmed down and Adam was pretty much screaming.  I picked him up (yes - all 52 pounds of him - don't tell my OB who told me not to pick up Jackson!), and tried to get him on the table.  He kept putting his feet on the table and pushing agaisnt it.  I finally got him on the table and the real fight began.  He was screaming at the top of his lungs, doing all he could to get himself off the table.  I threw all my weight up against him to try to hold him there and get his arm out of his sleeve (note to self - short sleeves next time!)  He would not calm down, so I finally let him down off the table and we sat in the chairs for a few minutes to see if he would calm down.  After a few minutes, I had him taking deep breaths, and he said he was ready, so I helped him slip his arm out of his sleeve, and of course, the screaming started again.  He tried to get his arm back in his shirt sleeve, so I pinned it behind his back.  We sat there like that for a few minutes and I coaxed him onto my lap.  At that point, I was done - I looked at the nurse, wrapped my arms around his middle, and said "just do it!".  She walked over, wiped his arm and gave him the shot while he screamed at the top his lungs.  When it was over, I asked him if it was as bad as he thought it was going to be, and he said "no, but my arm really hurts!"  He cradled that arm the rest of the day. 
Next time - daddy gets to take them to get shots!


Sarah Ragatz said...

Holy cow! That sounds horrible. I don't envy you in this situation!

Laura D said...

I hope he out grows that! Not naming names but we have a boy who still has problems getting shots! Try that with a 130 pound plus boy!