Monday, July 25, 2011

Couch Family Reunion

We had a Couch Family Reunion back at the beginning of July down in Idaho Falls.  It was great to see so many of my cousins and their kids and to see how everyone's families are growing and changing!  We drove down, and decided to do it in two days.  Uncle Hyrum was so lucky to drive with us (in all reality, we were lucky to have him with us!  He sat in back with Adam and helped him keep everything together).  We took the drive slow - several long stops to let the boys run around.  Scott took this picture when we stopped for lunch the first day.  Jackson had to do everything that Uncle Hyrum did!
 After lunch on the first day, Scott and I surprised Adam with a Nintendo DS.  He was beyond thrilled and played it the rest of the drive (another great reason that Hyrum was with us - he helped Adam get it all set up!!)
 For some reason, we only brought our camera out to one family reunion event.  Such slackers!  We arrived in IF on July 4th and went straight to my Grandma Couch's house where the rest of my family was waiting for us.  Adam was so thrilled to see his cousins!  Then we headed over to check in to our htoel, and then to meet up with everyone at a park by the river.  The plan was to have dinner and then stay for the famous Idaho Falls fireworks show.  We all decided not to stay for the fireworks since half of our kids (Adam, and Aiden - (Nate's son), especially) are terrified by the noise of fireworks.  So, we ate dinner and sat and chatted with extended family members while the little kids ran around and then headed back to the hotel.  My dad and brothers had bought a bunch of roman candles, so we put the kids in their pajamas and headed to the parking lot next to the hotel and watched the roman candle line up.  The big boys had fun!
The next day is the day we brought the camera out, so all of these pictures are from that day.
We spent most of the day at a park - Here is Jackson holding his newest cousin Eli.  Everytime he saw him, Jackson wanted to hold him.  It was very sweet.  Eli cried each time, but Jackson was very patient!
 My Uncle Cody, took some family pictures, since all of the Conrad clan was in attendance.  I don't have any of those pictures yet, but he also took some of all the grandkids.  I'm actually amazed that some of these are cute!  I love little Robyn standing up in the back.  The kids were really done with having pictures taken! (I have to point out that both of my boys HAD to have their hats on - turned backwards!)
 Jackson kept getting up and running towards the picture takers.
 I love Asher in this picture.  He's the little guy at the right in the yellow shirt - do you think he's done?
 After dinner, we played a fun human ladder game!  It was very competitive!

 But, after the competition, all the adults were nice and let the little kids give it a try.  Miraculously - no one fell and got hurt!  Here is Adam...

 The tongue helps!
 Then we had some classic stick pull!
 And then the traditional baseball game.  It was getting dark, and I'm not very good at using our camera, so these are the only two pictures that turned out from the game.

 The next day was July 6th.  Most of the grownups headed up for a rafting trip down the very full and very fast Snake River.  Scott said it was lots of fun!  Those that stayed behind took the kids to the zoo, and then back to Grandma's house where they had an epic water fight with my cousin Holly's husband.  Then we headed back to the hotel for some swimming.
That night was the traditional family home evening.  My cousin Joe blessed his new baby boy, and it was great to hear an update from my Aunts and Uncles about their families.  I have cousins spread out all over the US, some who couldn't make it this year, so it was great to hear how they are all doing.
The next day, we packed up and headed out! 
I had to include these two pictures of Jackson climbing on the rocks outside our hotel.

We had lots of fun at the reunion.  It was fun to be back in Idaho Falls - brought back fun memories of my years Ricks and the time when Scott and I were dating.  It was so great to see cousins and aunts and uncles that we only see every two years and to introduce my boys to them.  Adam had so much fun being with Noah and Talia!  He loves his cousins so much!  Looking forward to another reunion in two years!


Diane said...

Looks like fun! Did you know your Aunt Heidy and I are in a book club together? She is SO nice.

Debbie Gisle said...

Aww...I miss Hyrum.

Laura D said...

Is that Scott with the shaved head?