Monday, July 25, 2011


On the way home from Idaho Falls, we stopped to camp in Couer d'alene, Idaho.  We are in charge of Scott's reunion next year and wanted to check out some places for that.  We found a campsite on the internet that looked nice, so I called up and booked a site.  The website said the campground was located 1 mile off the freeway - it didn't say that the 1-mile stretch of road ran parallel to the freeway, so that you end up camping right next to the freeway.  The campsite was beautiful - the freeway was loud!  We quickly ruled out this location for the reunion!  But, we set up our tent and had a nice time camping anyway!  Here's our little site!  I loved that there was grass everywhere - probably the cleanest camping trip ever!
  Adam was so funny - there was a nice older couple camped next to us and he kept asking if we could invite them to our camp fire.  So, that first night, he and Scott went over and asked if they wanted to join us for S'mores.  They came over and we made some nice friends.  They were from Cananda and had come down to buy a lawnmower.  We enjoyed talking with them.
Here are Adam and Jackson enjoying the camp fire.
 The next day was COLD!  We took a walk around the camp site, and even did a little canoeing in the river.  Jackson collected rocks....
 They had these fun three-wheeled bikes to rent.  Adam and Scott had fun racing, and Jackson even got in on the action!

 Jackson had fun climbing in and out of these huge tractor tires!

We had fun camping, but it was nice to head for home and know that we could get some good sleep without listening to semi trucks blow by on the freeway!
We've been home for two weeks now, and Jackson still claps his hands when he gets to go to sleep in his own bed!  He was such a trooper for the whole trip.  He slept on the floor for most of it, and did really good.  When I go to put him to bed at night or down for a nap, he claps his hands and says "yay bed!!"  Silly boy!

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