Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Adam's yearbook

It seems weird to me, but they did a yearbook for Adam's preschool graduation!  I guess they are setting the bar high for his future graduation! 
The picture below was done for decorations.  I love the Dr. Seuss quote - and I LOVE the picture of Adam.  He had to wear his orange hat and sunglasses to school almost every day during the winter.  I think the mom who took the pictures captured my Adam perfectly!
 For the yearbook, they asked each kid to answer a few questions about school and their future.  Adam's is below.
 And then we put together a collage of pictures showing Adam throughout the year.  Adam helped me pick out the pictures and then he stamped his name.
They yearbook actually turned out super nice!  It will be a nice momento for Adam to remember preschool.

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