Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was a little different for us this year.  I left Saturday morning with my mom and flew to Boise to meet my sister.  We had so much fun being together for just a couple of days - the highlight of which was going to see Wicked!  It was such a great musical and we all had so much fun!
Adam was a little concerned that he wouldn't remember what I looked like, and that I would forget what my boys looked like after being gone for one night (I guess I need to get out a little bit more!!), so he decided we needed a photo shoot before I left.  He took this picture of me:
 And then Scott took this picture of Adam and I.
 And then I finished packing up and got ready to get in the car to go.  Jackson had been asleep during our photo shoot, so just as I was leaving Adam remembered that I didn't have a picture of all my boys together.  I snapped this picture with my cell phone camera as I was walking out the door.
Aren't my boys cute!!!  (Their dad's pretty darn good looking too!!)
I am so lucky to be their mom!  It's what I always wanted to be - a mom!  What a blessing to have these two amazing boys, and an even more amazing husband!  I came home Sunday afternoon to flowers, handmade gifts, and a wonderful dinner (even though I promptly threw up what I had eaten - gotta love pregnancy "morning" sickness!)  Scott even let me go to bed early, since I hadn't really gotten much sleep the night before.  I did miss my breakfast in bed - but had a really great time with my mom and sister. 
Thanks for letting me go boys!  And I'm glad they didn't forget what I looked like while I was gone!