Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Dinosaurs are here!

Woodland Park Zoo has a dinosaur exhibit, so we went to check it out with our friends the Terry's.   Traffic was crazy getting into Seattle because we choose to go the same day as UW graduation.  We got to the zoo about 20 minutes before our friends, so we had some fun running around outside, and Adam found these cute hats they we just couldn't live without!
The first thing we did when we got into the zoo, was check out the dinosaurs.  I will admit, I was a bit disappointed (I think I was expecting something more like the dinoaur park we went to in Ogden - this was a very small exhibit).
The dinosaurs moved, and some of them even spit out water.  Jackson was terrified! 
 He would walk as far as he could on the other side of the sidewalk....
 Adam and Xander thought it was cool!
 This guy not so much...
 We couldn't even get Jackson to sit on this guy with everyone else. 
 After viewing the dinosaurs, we checked out some of the other animals at the zoo.  The boys had fun riding in the wagon.
 Jackson thought the Penguins were much more fun than the dinosaurs.

And he LOVED the elephants.  One was in the elephant barn and was eating some hay.  The hay was hanging from a basket on the ceiling, so the elephant had to lift up his trunk to grab the food.  Every time he did that Jackson would point and clap his hands.  Then he'd should "more, more!"

 By the time we were ready to head home the big boys were tired, so Jackson helped push them in the wagon.
We had some of our favorite pizza at Tutta Bella for dinner (Jackson threw a plate across the table where it shattered on the floor - great times).  We had such a fun time hanging out at the zoo with our friends!

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Diane said...

It cracks me up that he would like the Elephants if the dinosaurs were so scary to him.