Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anyone want a bike?

Scott is a hard man to surprise!  In all the years we've been married, I've only managed it twice - the first time was when we went to Hawaii. I bought him a new wedding band (the band he had was a cheap one that was all we could afford when we got married).  I gave it to him our first night on the island, and he was seriously surprised!  The second time was at Christmas a couple years ago.  I replaced a watch that he had left on the top of the car when we drove off after a Mariner's game.  It was no easy feat to get the exact same watch, and he was so surprised when he opened it! 
With his 40th birthday coming up, I really wanted to get him something fabulous!  I thought about taking him to Las Vegas (he's never been), or taking him to Dallas to see a Cowboys game, in Cowboys stadium.  I think he would have loved either of those things, but after talking with his brother, I thought it might be fun to get him a really fabulous bike.  Scott and his brother have really gotten in to bike riding.  They ride at least once a week and Scott also does a spinning class at the gym.  They have signed up for several rides in the area and have been training really hard.  Scott has worked so incredibly hard to lose weight so he can be active and participate in all the fun stuff to come with our boys.  So, what better reward for all that, then a seriously nice bike?
It was so hard to keep it a secret.  In fact, I think he knew - but Brian is a good partner in crime!  Brian bought a new bike for himself back in March.  Scott was so jealous, and we talked several times about when he could do the same thing.  Then we found out I was pregnant, and it just didn't fit into our budget.  So, Brian offered to loan him the money, but then decided he couldn't.  Then they talked about Scott selling his motorcycle, but I told him I didn't want him too.  After Brian told me that Scott was sure he was getting the bike for his birthday, I told Scott maybe he really should sell his motorcycle - I had changed my mind (I'm pregnant - I can do that kind of thing!)  It was pretty fun to see how confused and crazy we could make him!
Brian worked it all out with the bike shop, that the boys and I could go in and surprise Scott the morning of his birthday.  Brian came over that morning, and he and Scott left for a short ride.  As soon as they left, I put the boys in the car, and headed down to the shop.  Brian told Scott he needed to stop at the bike shop to get one of his shoes fixed.  The guys at the shop were so nice, and they were super excited to be in on the big secret and reveal.  Several of them came up to me while we were waiting, and told me what an awesome bike I had picked out (really - Brian did all the shopping and building of the bike - I had no idea what to get him!)  I saw Scott and Brian walk into the shop, and quickly grabbed the boys and hid.  Scott saw the bike leaning up against the wall, and later he told me that he was so jealous of who-ever the lucky bastard was that got that bike!  Adam, Jackson and I jumped out of the room, yelled surprise and just laughed at how confused Scott was.  I seriously think this was the best surprise ever!
Do you think he's excited?
 Here we all are with the bike.  Brian had arranged for the guys at the shop to give Scott a full fitting (I guess they measure you and get the seat and pedals and handlebars and everything set so you can ride at your best). 
 Just before we left.

Scott ended up going on a short ride that morning with Brian, and has since (it's been a week) logged well over a hundred miles on the bike.  He did tell me that he figured he was getting a bike, but he was totally surprised to get it the way he did.  I'm glad Brian was here to help me pull it off!  Happy Birthday Babe!!!

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Diane said...

What fun! I think I've only been able to surprise Ray about two times with gifts. It's a joy when it works out in such a fun way.