Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day - Playing outside!

We did head outside to play in the snow for a little bit this morning.  It was very unusual snow for Washington.  Temperatures were much colder than we normally get around here, so instead of the wet, heavy snow that is great for snowmen and snowballs, the snow was powdery and light.  And underneath all that snow, was pure ice!  It was only about 20 degrees (I know some of you reading this are saying - "ha, 20 degrees is like summertime around here" - but this is Washington!!), so it was COLD! 
Jackson wasn't so sure about everything at first.  He just stood there for awhile taking it all in.  But he was soon trying to walk around and figure out what all that white stuff was.  It was really fun to watch him.
He even took his first sled ride with big brother. 
The girl in the pictures with him is Maira.  She is 11 months older than him, and they are about the same height.  I love the picture of her giving him a hug - it looks like she's kissing his nose!
Our best neighbors joined us outside to play.  Adam and Xander had fun throwing snow at Scott while he tried to shovel the driveway.  It was so funny to listen to them yell "Get Scotty!"  Silly boys!
We had fun playing outside and are looking forward to lots more snow this winter.  I can't remember the last time we had snow before Thanksgiving!  It could be a fun and white winter around here!!

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