Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre-K Halloween Party

Adam had a fun Halloween party at preschool. He was so very excited to dress up as Dan - especially since the letter of the week was "D" and he could bring himself for show and tell. I really love the preschool that Adam is going too. He has really settled in and has started to make friends. Unfortunately, one of the costumes really freaked Adam out! I'm still not sure what it was. The only thing I could get from his was that one of the girls was dressed as Luke Skywalker, but she was wearing a very dark cloak with a huge hood. The hood was covering most of her face. Whatever it was about her - something really scared him! It was kind of funny, because it was a little girl that he normally really enjoys playing with. Luckily - he did finally get over it, and ended up having a good day.
This is a picture of his class all dressed up for Halloween. Adam is over at the far left. He wouldn't go anywhere without me for awhile - so I'm hiding behind him in the picture. (I'm not one of the cool moms that dressed up!)
The teacher is in the red cloak - her name is teacher Judy, and we really love her!
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