Monday, March 8, 2010

Is he laughing or crying? You be the judge!

So, Jackson has been making this really funny noise. He does it all the time, and often very loudly - especially during prayers at church! Most of the time when he does it, he is happy, but sometimes he is starting to get to the "I'm bored" phase of laying on the ground.
If all went well, there should be a little video here. Watch it one time, and see how cute our little guy is, and then watch it again, but close your eyes. Sometimes it's really hard to tell if he is laughing or crying. What a silly little guy - huh. We sure do love him.


Shay said...

that's hilarious. It kinda sounds computer generated. You have a very cute robot baby. :)

Sarah Ragatz said...

Ok, so I totally wondered if my computer was distorting the sound. Glad to see that Shay thought he sounded kind of robot-like also. That's really cute! Oh, and one minute is actually a pretty long time to keep your eyes closed.

The Conrad Family said...

Talia and Aidan were thought he was crying and one thought he was laughing. Then they both decided he was probably talking! Now we are going to have to watch this over and over just so they can see their cousin! He sure is a cute guy! Wish we could check him out in person!