Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gymnastics tryout

Adam's preschool group took a field trip to Casecade Elite Gymnastics a couple of weeks ago. We hadn't tried anything like this before, and I wasn't sure what Adam would think. He had a great time!! Here are a few pictures.
They did lots of going back and forth in different ways - hopping on one foot, frog jumps, walking backwards, and lots more. I like this picture of Adam walking back to the start with the teacher. I'm not sure what he's saying to Brielle, but the hands on the hips make me think he's telling her something he thinks is important.
They tried out a bunch of stuff sitting down too - touching toes, bending and twisting.
Then they took turns going down the "runway" (that's what Adam called it!) and giving the teacher a hi-5!
They switched rooms and did some trampoline jumping and then tumbling over all these mats. Lots of climbing!
This was the highlight for Adam. He's still talking about swinging on this rope and dropping down into the pit. He was very proud that he actually let go of the rope and dropped - he's still telling me that no one else in his class would let go!
And, playing in the pit with foam blocks is always fun!
This was a really great field trip. I think I'll look for something like this to do in the summer. Adam really had a great time!!


TheFischerFam said...

Looks like he had a lot of fun. You might try checking out The Little Gym of Alderwood. They offer gymnastics for all ages and karate classes that combine martial arts and gymnastics. It is great for running off some energy. Jordan is in one of the Karate classes and Kirkman's have all their kids in classes and we have been very happy with it so far. They offer a free introductory class if you want to try it out first. Their Winter/Spring classes end in June and then Summer classes begin. You can join at anytime as long as there are openings. I am hoping I can talk Colin into the 4/5 year old Karate class this summer. Let me know if you want more information.

Kristin said...

looks like a great time, the boys used to take gymnastics at Seattle Gymnastics academy not far from you and they loved it, plus I loved that they got to run off some steam and they learned some great body awareness skills like balance. I know our club has open gym times and it's a really fun option. Maybe he'll be the next gold medalist in gymnastics!