Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dishwasher duty

Adam is quickly learning the value of money. At the begining of this year, Scott and I decided it was time to give Adam a couple of chores to do, and a little bit of an allowance so he could learn about tithing and saving money and all those good things. So, we started out with him helping to unload the dishwasher. The first couple of times, he just put the silverware away, and when he was finished I would give him $.50, which he would add to his money jar. Well, he really enjoys emptying the dishwasher. Everytime I tell him the dishes are clean and ask him to help empty it, he says "Then you will give me some coinys?" I guess I set a wrong precedence when I gave him the money right after he did his job. I'll have to work on that one later. But, he is doing a great job with this little chore. He has started to help with everything in the dishwasher, and today, he wanted to do it all by himself (I hope this enthusiam continues as he gets older). At first, I was a little concerned because this is what the kitchen counter looked like after he emptied out the cups and bowls. He's pretty proud of himself - can you tell?
He recovered nicely and ended up putting all those cups and bowls away. I helped with the plates on the bottom, but he did everything else. When did he get big enough to do all that? Not that I'm complaining - dishwasher emptier is a great first job - now, what should I have him learn next? Any suggestions?


Diane said...

Get the book "Parenting Breakthrough" by Merrilee Browne Boyack. It is a great resource for what your children can accomplish - and at which ages. It is excellent for fostering independence at a young age.

Laura D said...

Folding towels... Megan loves to fold the towels.