Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend - Part 2

Sunday morning, we slept in and then got ready to head back out to Pike Place Market for the day. We went back to the Seattle Center to catch the monorail. We also tried to talk Adam into going up into the rocket again, but he still wasn't into it. So, we waited for the monrail, and took a ride across Seattle. Adam and Scott are ready for the ride!!
We walked down to Pike Place market from Westlake Center. It was such a beautiful day! And you could tell, because there were lots of people out and about. You can always tell when it's a sunny day in Seattle after a looooong winter - everyone heads outside! And I think half of the population was at Pike Place. It was so crowded. Adam was a little nervous walking around, so Scott ended up carrying him most of the time (not an easy thing to do - he weighs over 40 pounds!) There was a BBQ contest happening this same weekend, so it may have been a little more crowded than normal.
After walking up and down and watching the flying fish, we decided to head back up to the mall. Adam was tired, Scott's shoulders were aching from carrying Adam around, Pike Place seemed like a bust! So, we headed back to the mall and took the monorail back to the Seattle Center. We talked about just going home, but decided to walk over to the international fountain. There were lots of people, but it's such a big fountain and so fun to watch. We sat and watched the show, and laughed at all the people running in and out of the water, when Adam decided he wanted to run around too. He started out going down with Scott. Of course, Scott helped them get right into the water. Adam wasn't so sure about that so he had to come sit with me again for a little bit. He put Scott's sunglasses on and posed for some pics.

He did decide to go back down and play - this time without dad. We spent about 2 hours watching Adam chase all the other kids around the fountain. He had a fabulous time! Scott took tons of pictures (again, they are all posted on our picassa site). We did finally convince Adam that it was time to go, and posed for one last family picture by the fountain.
We had such a fabulous couple of days! The weather was beautiful, and it was so fun to just be together as a family! I think we wore Adam out as well - what do you think?

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