Monday, April 13, 2009

Grandpa Wallis comes to visit!

Grandpa Wallis came for a long weekend visit over Easter weekend. He started out going straight from the airport to a fishing trip with Scott. They headed over the mountains to fish at Rocky Ford for a couple of days. This is the "save the fish - not me" fish. (You'll have to ask Scott to tell the story). I think they had a nice time fishing together.
Adam was excited to hang out with Grandpa when they got back on Friday night. Here they are watching a baseball movie together. Grandpa gave Adam his first mitt and is excited for him to start playing. Scott wants him to play football - Grandpa is hoping for a baseball player. We'll see who wins out...
Here's Adam and Grandpa playing a heated game of Hi-Ho Cherry-o. We just got this game, and Adam has enjoyed playing it. It's been a great way to practice counting. He's getting better!
And here they are Easter morning before heading to church.
We sure are glad Grandpa Wallis was able to come for a visit! Adam has asked me several times today where Grandpa went, and he's not so sure about this going home thing. We are so greatful for good Grandparents! What a blessing they are to all of us!

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