Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday with the cousins!

Sunday, February 15th, we headed to Evanston, Wyoming where my brother and his family live. We were there to attend the blessing of little Asher Jack. Here Adam and Talia are holding Asher in the foyer of the church while we waited to get into the chapel.

Adam LOVES to hold babies! He is always so gentle and does a great job sitting still.
We had to wait quite awhile before getting into the chapel. Nate's ward, (Nate is my brother) has sacrament meeting at the end of their block, and they were having Sunday School in the chapel, so we waited out in the foyer. It was a little tricky trying to keep the kids settled down, as they of course wanted to run! The ward also starts late - not until 1:00, so it was close to 3:00 before sacrament meeting started. Pretty late for sacrament meeting! We finally got into the chapel and sat thru annoucements and a very nice blessing given to little Asher by my brother. (It's so nice to see my brother so grown up and able to excercise the Priesthood!)
Needless to say, it was quite a long day! Adam was pretty tired by the time the sacrament was being passed. He was laying on the floor under the bench, and I suddenly realized he had been laying there very quietly for quite awhile! I peeked under the bench, and he was totally zonked out! It was so funny. I can't remember the last time he's fallen asleep in sacrament meeting. It's certainly been awhile. It was a very peaceful meeting!

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