Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you allowed to scream in the temple?

Over President's Day weekend, Adam and I took a trip to Utah. The main reason for the trip was to meet a new cousin - Asher Jack Conrad, who was born November 17th. Asher was blessed on Sunday in Evantson, Wyoming, where my brother and his family live. So, Adam and I flew down to Utah with Grandma & Grandpa Conrad and Uncle Hyrum.
We decided to take advantage of the Draper Temple open house going on at the same time. We left early Saturday morning, and went to Aunt Tiffy's house for lunch before heading over to the temple. You can actually see three temples from my sisters house! It's pretty cool - you can see the Jordan River Temple, the new Draper Temple and the soon to be finished Oquirrh Mouting Temple.
After lunch with Tiffy and our good friends, the Manwarings, we piled in the cars and headed to one of the three Stake Centers that were being used to facilitate the open house. It was pretty insane! We ended up waiting at the church for about an hour before we saw a short movie about the new temple, and then piled into the bus for the ride to the temple.

I love this picture of Adam and Ellie. Ellie was such a sweet heart, and she took Adam under her wing. Here they are waiting to get on the bus.

And here they are ready for the ride.
The Draper Temple is up on the side of the mountain in a residential area surrounded by some humongous castle houses! We were dropped off right at the mouth of a tunnel and we walked forever under cover until we got the the temple. I don't think we even saw the outside of the temple. Here is the temple on the church's website...
I've only been to one other temple open house - which was the Portland Temple when I was a teenager. I don't remember much of the open house, except thinking how beautiful all of the rooms were. The Draper Temple is just as beautiful! The baptistry is so incredible! There are several paintings hanging on the walls that I've never seen before. There was a lot of walking, and I think Adam was about done. It had already been a long day, and about half way through, he started losing it! By the time we got to the top of the temple, he was ready to scream. I was about ready to grab him and ask someone for the way out, when Grandma and Grandpa picked him up and started headed towards the exit. As we walked through the rest of the temple, I could hear him screamin all the way out. My mom said all of the temple workers made a path for them to get out as fast as possible.
Regardless of the screaming, it was a nice afternoon to be able to walk through that beautiful temple! I'll have to remember the experience, so I can remind Adam of the time he was screaming at the top his lungs in the temple!


Diane Linford said...

Too bad you weren't there on that Friday - that's the day Ray and I worked. We were the ushers on the bus greeting everyone and reading that card that no one could hear because the buses were so crowded. It was a great job to have! We also worked at one of the buildings that night helping people get from the video to the bus. I think my favorite room was the bride's room - the carpet was so beautiful.

The Gisle's said...

I'm so glad to hear that your son wasn't perfect thru it!! Jacob was on his best behavior, but still louder then the rest of the entire crowd. He almost had a fit at "the swimming pool" because he wanted to swim. Then, once again, when they shut us in the sealing room. Seriously!!! I was scared we were trapped, but he managed (thanks to my SUPER NOISY tic-tacs) and thanks to my Mom and Dad. But, I have to admit, the entire time I was keeping my eye on the exit signs!! :D Sorry we missed you!!! Guess I'll HAVE to come back up to Seattle for a visit. :)