Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where's Uncle Brian??

Adam loves his Uncle Brian. They've always had a special bond. Uncle Brian introduced Adam to cooking at a very young age, and Adam has always loved it. Adam loves to hang out at Uncle Brian's house, and just plain loves being around him.
Friday night, Scott informed Adam that Uncle Brian was coming over the next morning. We didn't hear about anything else the rest of the night. The first thing Adam said when he woke up Saturday morning (after his customary "It's not dark anymore!), was "Uncle Brian here?" He was having a hard time being patient.
As you can see from the pictures, Adam wasted no time showing Uncle Brian all of his toys. As soon as Brian sat down, Adam started bringing toys over to show him. Adam even read him his "Yummy, Yucky" book. It was pretty cute to watch.
Scott and Brian left for a bike ride, and Adam cried for a good 20 mintues after they left. After they came back and showered, Adam wouldn't let go of Brian's leg. I think he was worried Brian was going to bolt out of the house.
I think it's cute Adam has this bond with his Uncle, and I hope it continues. I guess Uncle Brian better be sure to come visit more often!!

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Laura D said...

Very cute! That must make Brian's day!