Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

It started snowing again Saturday afternoon around 3:30, and I think it snowed all night long. We woke up to a world of white! I keep hearing on the news that it's supposed to warm up and start raining, but it sure didn't happen today! We found out around 10:30 that church was cancelled "due to inclement weather". Adam and mommy were going to stay home anyway, because Adam is still getting over a very nasty cold. I guess I let him play in the snow a little too much during the early stages, because the past couple of days have been pretty rough! Anyway - we decided to have a pajama day, and just enjoy being together as a family!

Adam LOVES to cook! So he and daddy made a great ham and broccoli egg scramble for breakfact. Scott is very brave and helps Adam cut up the veggies and crack the eggs! He usually does a pretty good job of it! It's really fun to watch them cook together. It's pretty amazing that Adam is so into cooking, but he has always been interested in what goes on in the kitchen! We're hoping he'll be the next great chef!!

After eating a yummy breakfast, we spent the rest of the day just hanging out. We watched a movie, played with cars, took a nap, played the Wii, and just basically had a great time being together. It's almost 6pm and it's still snowing outside! Tomorrow could be a fun day. It's too bad Scott has to try and venture out to his restaurant tomorrow. Once he gets to the freeway, it shouldn't be too bad. I just hope he can make it home! I wouldn't mind just having another snow day! It's fun to stay at home in your pajamas all day long!


Kristin said...

Isn't this crazy weather - so fun for Christmas though! Church was actually cancelled yesterday!

Sarah Ragatz said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys are getting! Thats absolutely crazy. (And good job on putting word in between your pictures)

The Conrad Family said...

Holy Cow...that is lots of snow! I think a pajama day sounds like lots of fun! I do it every day but not for fun reasons like that...I am just lazy!