Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a really great Christmas here in Washington. It was so much fun to have a white Christmas - it actually snowed almost the entire day!
We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Conrad's house and had a great dinner, then the regular Christmas Eve festivities, including the annual new pajama picture. Then it was on to home so Adam could go to bed and Santa could stop by. Adam put out cookies and water for Santa. (he said Santa didn't like milk - who knows where that came from!) Then it was off to bed so Santa could drop of presents and mom, dad and Aunt Tiff could stay up half the night trying to build something out of those silly tinker toys! (someone needs to come up with some better instructions!)
Christmas morning came and we had fun watching Adam open his presents and help everyone else with theirs. I've posted all the pictures on our Picassa website because there were so many of them. You can click on the "Wallis family photos" link on the sidebar if you care to take a look.
We've had lots of fun with Aunt Tiffy here, and we loved playing in all the snow. We hope all our family and friends had as great a Christmas as we did! It's such a great time of year to spend time with loved ones and remember our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm so thankful he came to this earth to show us the way back!

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TheFischerFam said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. All the pictures are great.