Friday, January 4, 2013

Museum of Flight

We went to the Museum of Flight with some friends a couple of days before school started up again.  Everyone at our house had been sick most of the Christmas break, and the kids were feeling better.  My head was still in a bit of a fog, but we really needed to get out of the house and do something fun.  So, we went.  It really is a fun place - lots of cool things to see.
Like space suits!!
The museum had tried to get one of the Space Shuttles when NASA shut down that part of their space program, but unfortunatley, they were not chosen.  They do have the "trainer" which is what the astronauts did all their training in.  It was huge and fun to walk through - although, I didn't take any pictures.  We also walked through one of the old Air Force One planes, which was fun to see.  Again, no pictures.
In one part of the museum, they have tons of planes!  They have several that you can climb into and pretend to fly.  The boys had to do that, of course! 

 Then we headed over to a play area.  They have a hand gliding game, where you have to try and steer the hang glider.  It was really hard to do - but everyone had fun trying!
 Before we left, we walked quickly through the WW2 room.  They had these really cool planes that the wings would fold up so they could fit a bunch of them on an aircraft carrier.  Here's Adam and his buddy standing in front of one.
It was a really fun afternoon.  I want to go back and explore some more - without the foggy head!!

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